Peter Mac

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Canadian producer and Brazilian resident Peter Mac having been a promoter and agent in electronic music for several years, everything stopped when COVID hit bringing many challenges to the electronic music industry.
Peter decided to follow his dream and bought software and taught himself to produce music, having been musically trained at Berklee College of music in Boston, once he learned how all the knobs and buttons worked, music came quite fast and naturally, within months, he signed several of his tracks to a wide range of labels including upcoming releases on , Sure Player Recordings, Delve Deeper, Moodfunk records, Tree Sixty One and Disco Balls Records, House Tribe Records and current releases on Kolour Recordings, Azucar Anthems, Dobar House, M-Sol Records, Be Different, Chuggy Traxx, Be Adult Music, M-Sol Deep, 1 Life Records, DeepWit Recordings, and Sound Exhibitions records, HOUPH, Meaculpa, Astrolife Recordings, Batavia recordings, Open Bar, Personal Belongings, Mavek Recordings and Electric Friends Music with many more to come.
Peter will continue to follow his dream making music.



Peter Mac's debut single on Sure Player will be out in July 2021.