Terry Francis

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Terry Francis is a British Tech House DJ and producer. Terry won Muzik Magazine's "Best New DJ" award in 1997. In October 1999, at the club's inception, he started a residency at London's Fabric, which has continued ever since.

Terry is also known as one of the key spearheads for London’s emerging tech house scene. Throughout the late 90s he was putting out innovative house records with a distinctive punchy flair via the likes of Wiggle, Eye 4 Sound, Swag, and Pagan - labels that are still highly treasured by today’s generation of upcoming DJs. Recently some of his classic works have been reissued for new audiences to discover, while he’s also revived his Eye 4 Sound imprint as an outlet for releasing his fresh material.

As with our music policy, we are never limited to one genre. The London-based sound pioneered by Terry has been one of Sure Players key inspirations, and we are very proud to have him on our roster.
Any labelling of Terry's style is fairly pointless because what he does is what all the very best DJ's do. He blurs the lines between the past and the present to create the future and always plays from the heart.
He’s remained at the helm of the underground Tech House scene for the last two decades, consistently displaying a defined style of DJing that’s proven timeless.

Like the seminal records he’s produced over the length of his career, he has true staying power. Welcome to the house of Sure Player Terry Francis

Terry's remix on Sure Player will be coming later in the year. Previews coming soon..