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CH!NJONG X CH!NJONG are Artists and a Dj/Producer duo from the slopes of mount Fako, SouthWest region, Cameroon composed of siblings Lonie Chinjong and Tracey Chinjong . Being the out of the box thinkers that they are coupled with their constant desire to stand out, Ch!njong X Ch!njong have set a trail as the pioneers of House Music in Cameroon.
Their goal has always been to achieve a perfect blend of indigenous sounds from across the world and the traditional sound of House. They succeeded in creating this perfect fusion after they answered their ancestral call with their debut Afro House single "Feng Shui" on SP Recordings which was a marriage of traditional Bamileke music and Afro House. This track went on to feature on the top 100 AfroHouse chart on Traxsource.
It is this same spirit of fusing sound that led to their collaboration with Kenyan House Music trailblazer Saint Evo. Mantra is a perfect reflection of the vision that CxC has for their music. Stellar vocals with a spiritual undertone
, outstanding production coupled with strange sounds that portray the Africanism of it all.
The duo's vision is to spread their unique sound across the globe while touching lives and moving dancefloors and to keep bringing you the sound from within.